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Business consultancy

Behind the birth of every organization, there is a lot of planning, hard work, patience, and sacrifice. Padath Infotainment in Kochi understands this effort and perseverance and gives you an organization, whose mission is to maximize the performance, reputation, and positioning of our customers, that is you.

We help entrepreneurs build businesses that not only succeed but sustain throughout the years. Whether it’s just paperwork or setting up your company from scratch, Padath Infotainment will be by your side, guiding you towards the bigger picture. By coming to us, you’ve made a choice to set your company apart from the others. To not only maximize profit, but to be remembered. Come to PI- infinitely creative, infinitely motivated.

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Website design and development

In a world with such technological advancements, no-one reads posters or flyers anymore. The first place people will go, to find out more information about your organization would be your website. The way the website looks and how accessible it is will create a lasting impression upon your client’s mind.

If you are looking for a web development company in Kerala, look no further. As one of the best web design and development companies in Kochi, we give you responsive web designs that provide a cutting edge over others. Our creative and unique designs have always proven to be valuable assets and so we will let our work speak for us. Please do check out web designs of our clients: Virile, Kedu, Taurus Infra, The Ultimate Kopie etc.

Web and Mobile application development

Whether it’s getting rid of mosquitoes or even creating a system of communication, apps make our lives easier. They can be downloaded and stored effortlessly. In contrast, building them takes a lot of skill and time. Lucky for us, our technical team at Padath Infotainment in Kochi, is highly capable in app development. Whether its web applications or mobile app development, our teams bring out efficiency, accessibility, and style in every project. Some of the apps we’re proud to boast about are Wedeterna, Social Mob, Gunatas, Tx-me and Muses Studio. Don’t believe us till you try it!

web and mobile app development agency in kochi
seo service in kochi


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) are the combination of words or phrases that people usually type when they’re searching for a particular service provider. The use of these words in your web-page content is one of the smartest and fastest ways to attract clients to your company. Nowadays, it’s an essential method of marketing. Not only is it cost-efficient, consumers generally feel that the companies at the top of their search list are the most trustworthy.

Our efficient content writers will re-write your web-page content so that it includes all the magic words that will ensure that your company will be one of the first companies that the consumer will check out when they want your service. They will also make sure that your site isn’t flagged by placing these words in a well-organized way. Come to PI in Kochi, for top-notch SEO services in India

Digital Marketing

Other than web pages and SEO there are many other significant methods of marketing your brand. Some of them include digital marketing, email marketing, and social media marketing. All of which increases profits to a great extent. PI is a digital marketing company in Kochi, helping firms become popular through social media marketing - emailers and social websites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram, along with other means. We are also an interactive social media marketing team in Kerala that makes sure we know the client base well by studying the specifics of the consumers of that particular establishment. Based on the information we gather, we then publicize the organizations that seek our services in the most effective method – with designs and content that is sure to catch your consumer’s eye. Some of the company’s that we provide such services to are Mr. Butler’s, Las Palmas, Dhathri, Virile etc.

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