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10 Predictions of future web designs and development

Everything – from grocery shopping to find the right partner- is done online. In a world that accesses the web first and people later, first-impressions lie solely on how websites are designed. Is it easy to access? Is it beautiful to look at? Is it informative enough? As a company that helps businesses through digital marketing and web designs, PI touch gives you some of the future design trends that are going to take over the market. read more...

Here’s how this Indian startup is helping build global communities through music

It is natural for us to hang out with people whom we share similar interests with. It just gives us yet another connection to make, one more thing to talk about. For instance, you and your friend might like the same kind of music, right? Now imagine a scenario if you were able to connect with all those who shared your interests by just downloading an app. Yeah, we know, you would think it would need you to type in truckloads of information read more...

web application and development company in kerala

Building a team – For start-ups

PI touch is a start-up. Through experience we know that the success of a company or organization lies on its employees. A company’s productivity is at its best when the leader is competent and the employees know how to work together like a team. In this way, information is shared smoothly and an open environment is created, which fosters out-of-the-box thinking and the input of new ideas. This would not only give you an overwhelming read more...